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Cirrascale PCIe Switch Riser Technology

Cirrascale multi-device PCIe Switch Riser solutions for highly parallel applications are different from other supporting hardware implementations. Our switch riser allows PCIe-compliant devices to communicate as if they are all on the same bus... because they are.

Gone are the days of needing a bounce-buffer in host memory, or leaving GPU DMA engines unused because they couldn't address other devices in the system. Our PCIe switch riser technology reduces intercard latency while helping to maintain a consistent performance level between GPUs or other PCIe-compliant devices such as coprocessors, InfiniBand® cards, RAID controllers, FPGAs, or PCIe flash storage. Cirrascale has been able to overcome these issues, and achieve near linear performance scaling with its remarkable design.

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Cirrascale Patented Vertical Cooling Technology

Cirrascale's Patented Vertical Cooling Technology (VCT) creates a high velocity stream of cool air driving away hot air created by high performance components and power supplies. Many blade server and storage installations utilize traditional front to back cooling, which creates hot and cold aisles in the data center as well as causing hot spots that lead to system failure.

Cirrascale's Vertical Cooling Technology is ideal for large scale data centers where floor cooling is efficiently utilized and exhausted into ceiling ducts. Vertical cooling draws cool air up from the floor and forces it through the entire rack and exhausts into the ceiling, creating a constantly cool and secure environment for your data center. Increased thermal capacity has been incorporated into the design, as well as the ability to adjust air flow within the cabinet. Modular and hot swappable fan trays create a stream of air throughout the system.

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