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Entertainment and Media companies have to support some of the most talented and demanding users of resources in their IT department. These Artists are consumers of a variety of IT services that bring ideas of form and color to reality. Initially just an idea from the mind of an artist, then transcribed into digital data on a High Performance workstation these ideas are the lifeblood of Entertainment and Media. An image might be locally rendered on a GPU accelerated workstation and server or sent to an HPC GPU cluster of 96 servers support NVIDIA® GRID™ or NVIDIA Tesla® GPU Accelerators in a single rack. These rendered digital images are assets that need to be moved swiftly and safely across a high speed storage system.

Once secure in a multi petabyte working storage system, aging assets can then be migrated to a longer term Active archive storage, local or in the cloud ,always available at a moment's notice for repurposing that data.

Cirrascale can shepherd that data from initial thought through the work flow until it arrives safely online and readily available for distribution.

Featured Resources for Entertainment and Media

Remote Quad–HD PCoIP™ Digital Content Workstations

High Performance Workstations have revolutionized media and entertainment content creation over the past several decades, allowing artists to explorer their imaginations and bring what they see and hear to reality for us to enjoy. Using the latest hardware to assist the development of 3D animated films has become a requirement of the industry's top studios. Cirrascale is working to develop a solution to meet this critical industry need.

Download Remote Quad–HD Data Sheet
Scaling GPU Compute Performance White Paper

GPU chip manufacturers have been providing more computational power within each GPU card. Recently, this includes packing multiple GPUs within each card, such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator cards, which contain two GPUs per card. Additionally, with new iterations, they continue to increase overall memory size and bandwidth accessible to those GPUs to accelerate multiple HPC applications. Read this paper to discover the best way to scale GPU compute performance.

Download Cirrascale GPU Compute Performance White Paper
NVIDIA® GPU Application Catalog

NVIDIA identifies over two hundred applications for a wide range of industries already optimized for GPUs, including High Performance Computing. Discover if your application is supported and put those applications to work with a Cirrascale GB series blade server.

Download NVIDIA® GPU Application Catalog

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