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Security, defense and intelligence professionals are dealing with more information than ever before. This data is coming from every direction and is both structured and unstructured. More than ever they need the right tools to extract what is important. If fact, more than ever it has become particularly important that security and government agencies be able to detect patterns in large, complex datasets and make the critical connections necessary to acheive their immediate goals. From data mining to real-time intelligent video surveillance, security professionals and government agencies alike are in a race to respond to the global cries fro help about theft, violent crime and acts of terrorism. This is where the Cirrascale deep learning solutions can help.

Deep learning enables a machine to use this process to build a hierarchical representation. The first layer might look for simple edges. The next might look for collections of edges that form simple shapes like rectangles, or circles. The third might identify features like eyes and noses. After five or six layers, the neural network can put these features together. The result is a machine that can recognize faces, and do so in a matter of minutes with the potential to save many lives.

Through GPU accelerated compute using accelerators such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator, the government, defense and security industry tools of yesterday are being replaced by machines that learn and detect imminent threats. Recently a third-party security company was able to utilize the power of Tesla GPUs to accelerate the analysis of video surveillance footage to identify suspicious events, missing/stolen objects and controlled area breaches at an event. The company evaluated large amounts of recorded video from multiple sources simultaneously. Cirrascale can help to support your company's migration to GPU compute intensive systems and harness the power of deep learning by utilizing our GB5600 series blade servers and other solutions geared towards this exciting technology.

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Cirrascale GB5400/GB5600 GPGPU Graphics Blades

The Cirrascale® GB5400/GB5600 GPGPU Graphics Blades, featuring the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerators, are designed to provide highly parallel processing to power innovative breakthroughs and maximum GPU performance. No other vendor provides the ability to place eight GPUs into a single blade server and scale performance to the levels seen in the Cirrascale GB5400/GB5600 Series solutions.

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Scaling GPU Compute Performance White Paper

GPU chip manufacturers have been providing more computational power within each GPU card. Recently, this includes packing multiple GPUs within each card, such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator cards, which contain two GPUs per card. Additionally, with new iterations, they continue to increase overall memory size and bandwidth accessible to those GPUs to accelerate multiple HPC applications. Read this paper to discover the best way to scale GPU compute performance.

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NVIDIA® GPU Application Catalog

NVIDIA identifies over two hundred applications for a wide range of industries already optimized for GPUs, including High Performance Computing. Discover if your application is supported and put those applications to work with a Cirrascale GB series blade server.

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