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The oil and gas industry depends heavily on high performance computing to maximize returns after spending valuable resources on exploration, discovery, drilling, production and research. In order to prioritize where companies should lease reservoirs and install wells, huge demands on data processing in the Oil and Gas Industry are driven by the services that support geophysical mapping, like seismic imaging and reservoir simulation.

The growth of investments by this market continues to show the value of HPC as a critical business multiplier and essential business component in the oil and gas industry. As a longstanding consumer of HPC and storage, the oil and gas sector is now poised to turn the switch on a new exciting tool in the quest for more computational efficiency.

Through GPGPU accelerated compute using accelerators such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator, the oil and gas tools of yesterday can continue to match pace with the demands of a growing energy economy by extending their usefulness after being coded to run on these new GPU computational clusters. Just one exciting example is the acceleration of Reverse Time Migration solutions running on GPUs such that more work can be done with fewer GPU systems than with traditional CPU clusters. Cirrascale is ready to support this migration to GPU compute intensive systems based on our GB5400 and GB5600 series blade servers and other solutions geared towards this exciting expansion in compute resources.

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Cirrascale GB5400/GB5600 GPGPU Graphics Blades

The Cirrascale® GB5400/GB5600 GPGPU Graphics Blades, featuring the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerators, are designed to provide highly parallel processing to power innovative breakthroughs and maximum GPU performance. No other vendor provides the ability to place eight GPUs into a single blade server and scale performance to the levels seen in the Cirrascale GB5400/GB5600 Series solutions.

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Scaling GPU Compute Performance White Paper

GPU chip manufacturers have been providing more computational power within each GPU card. Recently, this includes packing multiple GPUs within each card, such as the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator cards, which contain two GPUs per card. Additionally, with new iterations, they continue to increase overall memory size and bandwidth accessible to those GPUs to accelerate multiple HPC applications. Read this paper to discover the best way to scale GPU compute performance.

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NVIDIA® GPU Application Catalog

NVIDIA identifies over two hundred applications for a wide range of industries already optimized for GPUs, including High Performance Computing. Discover if your application is supported and put those applications to work with a Cirrascale GB series blade server.

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