IBM Power Servers

POWER8 Servers Now Available in the Cloud

Built on IBM OpenPOWER architecture, these servers combine high-performance, storage, and I/O to focus on increasing volumes of data while maintaining system speed.

POWER8 servers will put your data to work, not just store it. Create a private and public hybrid cloud, and experience lower latency, better application efficiency, and increased cost savings.

Faster and More Robust than Ever Before

The processor is the same size as a POWER7 processor and consumes the same amount of power. Yet it has twice the number of cores and threads as a POWER7 processor. In effect, POWER8 is the equivalent of two POWER7 processors in the same package. For the type of workloads that IBM is targeting, such as big data analytics and cloud, the capabilities inside the processor are critical.

By having eight threads per processor core, POWER8 is able to deliver parallel processing of data queries. This means it is able to resolve queries faster than other processor architectures.

Discover the Power of NVIDIA® NVLink™ and POWER8

IBM® Power Systems™ S822LC for High Performance Computing will unlock new potential for your GPUs regardless of industry. NVIDIA® NVLink™ Technology unlocks over 2.8X faster CPU:GPU communication between POWER8 with NVLink, CPUs, and Tesla P100 accelerators. This powerful pairing is a breakthrough for accelerated HPC delivering the advanced performance, programming and accessibility required for processing large volumes of data quickly.

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