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Cirrascale® Announces High Density, Two-in-One GPU Rackmount Offering Perfect for Cloud Gaming and High Performance Remote Workstations

Cirrascale RM1620D and RM1620DX high density rackmount systems offer two distinct, separate systems — ideal for NVIDIA GRID gaming or High Performance Teradici PCoIP® Remote Workstations — in a single 1U rackmount chassis.

San Jose, Calif. – GPU Technology Conference – March 25, 2014 – Cirrascale Corporation®, a premier developer of build-to-order, independent blade-based computing and storage data center infrastructure for conventional and modular data centers, today announced the launch of its high density scale-out, two-in-one GPU rackmount offerings, the RM1620D and RM1620DX. Both systems offer two distinct servers or workstations in each 1U rackmount chassis, enabling support of up to 84 full-size GPU cards such as the latest NVIDIA GRID™ GPUs, in a standard 42U rackmount cabinet.

"Cirrascale continues to develop ways to meet the needs of customers demanding high density GPU solutions to further transform their technology environments and deliver improved scale-out infrastructures," said David Driggers, CEO, Cirrascale Corporation. "Customers in the emerging cloud gaming segment, as well as those in various HPC and engineering business segments, are looking for the competitive advantages that scale-out computing can provide. These recent innovations in GPU server and workstation density have further cemented Cirrascale as the company that powers GPU-enabled, scale-out infrastructures."

The Cirrascale RM1620D is specifically tailored to meet the needs of customers in the gaming-as-a-service industry looking to deploy the most concurrent streams per GPU per server. The RM1620D consists of two distinct servers in one 1U rackmount chassis supporting the latest GPU cards such as the NVIDIA GRID, Tesla®, Quadro® and GeForce® GPU product lines. Customers can achieve up to 24 HD-quality game streams from a single node and up to 48 HD-quality game streams per 1U rackmount server.

"NVIDIA GRID uses the world's best graphics processors designed specifically to stream applications and games from cloud data centers," said Phil Eisler, general manager of GRID gaming, NVIDIA Corporation. "The Cirrascale RM1620D enables these server GPUs to work at their maximum potential, and its density allows users to experience one of the highest streams-per-server ratios on the market."

Although similar to the RM1620D in design, the RM1620DX adds an expanded chassis for maximum versatility and serviceability. Additionally, the RM1620DX extends the ability to support additional full-sized GPU cards and high-performance Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation cards. Users simply connect to their high-performance workstation from either a secure PCoIP Zero Client or laptop running Teradici PCoIP software client. IT managers seeking to deliver a rich, uncompromised remote computing experience to Engineering, CAD/CAM, digital content creation professionals and more, can now utilize the density and reliability of the RM1620DX two-in-one 1U rackmount workstation to enable high performance PCoIP remote workstations for their power users.

"The IT industry is at an inflection point with companies demanding more efficient, highly-utilized scale-out remote workstation technologies that can improve the economic model for their data centers," said Randy Groves, Chief Technology Officer, Teradici Corporation. "The RM1620DX gives IT managers the density they have been demanding when deploying high performance PCoIP remote workstations, and the flexibility to deploy them into any datacenter."

The Cirrascale RM1620D and RM1620DX rackmount product lines are immediately available to order. The RM1620D is currently shipping now while the RM1620DX is scheduled to start shipping in early Q2 2014. Licensing opportunities are also immediately available to both customers and partners.

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