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Verari Technologies Solidifies Commitment to Cloud Computing; Renames and Moves Forward as Cirrascale

Company will focus on tailoring solutions for modular container-based data centers and blade-based cloud storage and compute solutions

San Diego, Calif. – August 10, 2010 – Cirrascale® Corporation today announced the launch of its new business providing industry-leading independent blade-based cloud computing and cloud storage platforms for conventional and containerized data centers. Cirrascale, originally organized under the name "Verari Technologies", acquired the intellectual property and other assets of Verari Systems in January 2010.

"Being able to base our cloud storage and compute products on Verari's world class BladeRack® 2 Series technology and FOREST containerized data center infrastructure puts us at the front of the pack to serve the demanding cloud customer," said Marc Brown, President and COO, Cirrascale. "These products, based on Verari's patented Vertical Cooling Technology, generated over $500 Million in installed systems in the high performance computing and enterprise markets; these customer segments are the foundation of the burgeoning cloud market of today. This technology is a winning formula for the cloud customer."

"Technology innovation is only half the story at Cirrascale; we must also innovate with our business model," said Dave Driggers, Chairman and CEO, Cirrascale. "Cloud and Web 2.0 businesses are placing new demands on their suppliers. Unlike the enterprise data center customer served by traditional computer companies with established product lines and large IT consulting businesses, the agile, self-sufficient cloud and web 2.0 customers want to collaborate to define their platforms and create a purpose-built data center infrastructure that addresses their unique requirements."

Cirrascale will focus on customers buying at the data center and rack infrastructure level, across a range of storage and computing models including low-power micro-servers, high density storage, scale-out multi-core, HPC cluster and GP/GPU computing. Customers are served by the same physical rack infrastructure that accommodates the customer-defined power, density and cooling requirements.

"Our customers compete on the strength, suitability and efficiency of their data centers. They don't want products predesigned to optimize the vendor's supply chain and manufacturing process. They want to integrate the best advanced commodities in a common efficient infrastructure, one that offers high density, at a fraction of the power and cooling cost of current blade servers and large scale systems products," said Driggers. "These customers define their systems and expect they will arrive at the data center ready to plug into power and network and become productive immediately."

Cirrascale welcomes the opportunity to work with the previous customers of Verari Systems. The company is currently shipping products in volume today and is available to discuss in detail the benefits from the advancements of Cirrascale for its customer's data center needs.

About Cirrascale Corporation
Cirrascale Corporation is a premier provider of blade-based cloud computing and storage infrastructure for conventional and modular data centers. Cirrascale leverages its patented Vertical Cooling Technology to provide the industry's most energy-efficient standards-based platforms with the lowest possible total cost of ownership in the densest form factor. Cirrascale sells to large-scale infrastructure operators, hosting and managed services providers, Cloud Service Providers, and HPC users. Cirrascale also licenses its award winning technology to partners globally. To learn more about Cirrascale and its unique data center infrastructure solutions, please visit or call (888) 942-3800.

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