CirraStor Rackmount Storage/ Scale-out, high-availability rackmount storage

CirraStor Rackmount Storage
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CirraStor Rackmount Storage Solutions

Tailored for specialized storage applications, Cirrascale's innovative CirraStor® Rackmount Storage Series feature highly available, fully redundant, and fault-tolerant solutions powered by Software Defined Storage options such as Nexenta's NexentaStor 4.0 or Microsoft's Windows Storage Server.

Cirrascale's CirraStor line of professional rackmount storage solutions enable customers to attain enterprise-level data availability, reliability and energy efficiency. Our large-scale storage servers deliver exceptional performance to attain the productivity that meets the requirement of today's datacenters. A multitude of failover and file protection designs assure our robust storage servers handle mission-critical tasks smoothly at all times.

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CirraStor® Rackmount Storage Solutions

Cirrascale SM1693 Rackmount Storage Series

The Cirrascale CirraStor SM1693 rackmount storage server is a revolutionary 1U rackmount server that dramatically increases data storage IOPS. All ten 2.5" front access drive bays support hot-pluggable PCIe I/O interface. Owners can tailor system storage architecture by mixing traditional hard disk drives and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSD.

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Cirrascale SM1694 Scale-Out Storage Series

The Cirrascale CirraStor SM1694 is tailored for hyper-scale datacenters and software defined storage solutions, and features hybrid tiered storage architecture in an ultra-dense hot-swappable 1U platform.

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Cirrascale SM4490D Rackmount Storage Series

The SM4490D is the hardware platform designed from the ground-up with HA-clustering for Software-defined Storage in mind. Software technologies such as Windows Server 2012 w/Storage Spaces, ZFS-based file systems like NexentaStor, distributed file systems like Hadoop, or scale-out file systems like Sanbolic and Gluster now have a clustered failover platform to develop and architect complete high availability (HA) and massively scalable Big Data and private Cloud deployments.

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