CirraStor SM1694/ Hybrid Scale-Out High Computing Storage Server

Cirrascale CirraStor SM1694
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SM1694 Scale-Out Storage Server

The Cirrascale CirraStor SM1694 is tailored for hyper-scale datacenters and software defined storage solutions, and features hybrid tiered storage architecture in an ultra-dense hot-swappable 1U platform.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Ultra Dense 1U 12x Hot-Swappable HDD and 4x Hot-Swappable SSD.
  • Sophisticated hybrid architecture ideal for tiered storage.
  • Outstanding computing performance and high system serviceability.
  • Features the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family.

CirraStor SM1694 Scale-Out Storage Server Overview

The Cirrascale CirraStor SM1694 is tailored for hyper-scale datacenters and software defined storage solutions, and features hybrid tiered storage architecture in an ultra-dense hot-swappable 1U platform.

The CirraStor SM1694 features 12 hot-swappable 3.5" disk drives and 4 SSDs in a 1U chassis, delivering excellent computing performance using a dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processor architecture. It provides both extreme storage density and computing power to hyper scale cloud data centers which require not only the large storage capacity but also enterprise class computing capability. It helps IT managers to optimize overall rack and data center space. With its innovative hot-swappable drive design, the CirraStor SM1694 allows service technicians to service drives with minimum efforts and little to no downtime.

Caching is a requirement not only in today's software defined storage solution but also virtualization applications to boost performance and IOPs. The CirraStor SM1694 is equipped with 4x SSDs in addition to 12x 3.5" high capacity disk drives, such hybrid architecture is ideal for tier storage planning which solid-state drives are required to accelerate IOPs and throughput, and not sacrificing large data storage capacity.

The CirraStor SM1694 is designed with delicate architecture to support 12 hot-swappable 3.5" hard drives within a 1U chassis, which provides optimized rack density and also deliver non-disruptive on-site service. With this design, there is no external cable management arm required which significantly reduce the system deployment and rack assembly time, and also simplify the rack cable routing in the rear.

The CirraStor SM1694 provides flexible I/O scalability for today's diverse data center application requirements. It features OCP LAN mezzanine card solutions in addition to dual GbE or 10GbE LAN on motherboards. With various controller vendors and different speed and technology options, customers can choose from 1GbE to 56GbE bandwidth, copper or fiber-optic cabling, basic Ethernet function or FCoE and ISCI SAN connectivity.

With the consistent advances in technology, Cirrascale engineering and development teams are constantly testing and deploying the latest technical specifications being offered by our technology partners. We make every effort to provide the below specifications error-free and up-to-date. However, we always encourage our customers to contact us to discuss Cirrascale's latest improvements to its products. This product's specifications are as follows:

CirraStor SM1694 Scale-Out Storage Server Specifications

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 Product Family
  • Intel C610
  • 16 x 2133/1866/1600/1333 MHz DDR4 RDIMM
  • Up to 256GB RDIMM
  • 12 x 3.5"/2.5" hot-plug 12Gb/s SAS or 6Gb/s SATA HDD/SSD
  • 4 x 2.5" hot-plug 7mm 6Gb/s SATA SSD
  • 1 x SATA DOM
  • 1 x Intel® I350 dual-port 1 GbE
  • 1 x Dedicated 10/100 management port
Expansion Slots
  • 1 x SAS x8 mezzanine slot
  • 1 x OCP x8 LAN mezzanine slot
Storage Controller (Onboard)
  • Intel® 610
  • 10 x SATA 6Gb/s ports; SATA RAID 0, 1, 10
Power Supply Capabilities
  • 700W Platinum PSU, 1+1 redundant power supplies, 100- 240V AC
  • 1 x Dedicated 10/100 Base-T RJ45 management port (as stated)
  • IPMI v2.0 compliant
  • On board "KVM over IP" support
Unit Dimensions
  • Height: 43.2 mm (1.7 in.)
  • Width: 448.2 mm (17.6 in.)
  • Depth: 881 mm (35 in.)

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Product Literature

PDF CirraStor SM1694 Product Data Sheet - 689KB

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The Cirrascale Advantage

Cirrascale Corporation is a premier provider of blade-based cloud computing and storage infrastructure for conventional and modular data centers. Some of our key advantages over our competitors include:

  • Cooling:  The only supplier with patented Vertical Cooling Technology™ (VCT).
  • Power Efficiency:  Our BladeRack 2 Series platforms are some of the most power efficient solutions available on the market today.
  • Density:  Utilizing our VCT, we can support over 2,300 compute cores or 3.4PB of raw storage in a standard rack footprint.
  • Time to Market:  Our commodity component approach gets you the latest and greatest technology from our partners, before our competition.
  • Scale-Out:  Our platform infrastructure was developed to allow customers to scale up and out, perfect for growing hyperscale cloud applications.
  • Custom-Tailored:  Our job is to ensure you have a system that will expand with your needs, but not break the bank. We work with each customer to tailor their servers to their applications.
  • Flexible Design:  Commodity components PLUS flexible, open architecture EQUALS limitless possibilities. Let your applications and specific software stay flexible.

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