Cerebras AI Model Studio

Train GPT-Style Models 8x Faster
Than Traditional Clouds at a
Fraction of the Cost

Hosted on the Cerebras Cloud @ Cirrascale, the Cerebras AI Model Studio enables
customers to train state-of-the-art Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models
on the revolutionary Cerebras CS-2 accelerator.

The Cerebras AI Model Studio

The Cerebras AI Model Studio is a simple pay by the model computing service powered by dedicated clusters of Cerebras CS-2’s and hosted by Cirrascale Cloud Services. It is a purpose-built platform, optimized for training large language models on dedicated clusters of millions of cores. It provides deterministic performance, requires no distributed computing headaches, and is push-button simple to start.

The Problem

Training large Transformer models such as GPT and T5 on traditional cloud platforms can be painful, expensive, and time consuming. Gaining access to large instances typically offered in the cloud can often takes weeks just to get access. Networking, storage, and compute can cost extra, and setting up the environment is no joke. Models with tens of billions of parameters end up taking weeks to get going and months to train.

If you want to train in less time, you can attempt to reserve additional instances – but unpredictable inter-instance latency, makes distributing AI work difficult, and achieving high performance across multiple instances challenging .

Our Solution

The Cerebras AI Model Studio makes training large Transformer models fast, easy, and affordable. With Cerebras, you have millions of cores, predictable performance, no parallel distribution headaches – all of this enables you to quickly and easily run existing models on your data or to build new models from scratch optimized for your business.

A dedicated cloud-based cluster powered by Cerebras CS-2 systems with millions of AI cores for large language models and generative AI:

  • Train 1-175 billion parameter models quickly and easily
  • No parallel distribution pain: single-keystroke scaling over millions of cores
  • Zero DevOps or firewall pain: simply SSH in and go
  • Push-button performance: models in standard PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • Flexibility: pre-train or fine-tune models with your data
  • Train in a known amount of time, for a fixed fee

Discover the Benefits of the Cerebras AI Model Studio

Train Large Models in Less Time

  • Train 1-175 billion parameter models 8x faster than the largest publicly available AWS GPU instance

  • Enable higher performing models with our longer sequence lengths (up to 50,000!)

Ease of Use

  • Easy access: simply SSH in and go
  • Simple programming: range of large language models in standard PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • Push-button performance: the power of millions of AI cores dedicated to your work with no distributed programming required
  • Even the largest GPT models run without a single minute spent on parallelizing work


  • Models trained at half the price of AWS
  • Predictable fixed price cost for production model training


  • Train your models from scratch or fine-tune open-source models with your data


  • Dependency free - keep the trained weights for the models you build

Simple & Secure Cloud Operations

  • Simple onboarding: no DevOps required
  • Software environment, libraries, secure storage, networking configured and ready to go

Standard Paid Access

Train your own state-of-the-art GPT model for your application on your data. The process is simple:

  • Pick a large model from the list below (or contact us for custom projects)
  • See the price, time to train: no surprises
  • SSH in and get going
    • Enjoy secure, dedicated access to programming environment for the training period
    • Cerebras model implementation for the chosen model appear
    • Systems, code examples, documentation are at your fingertips
    • Scripts allow the user to vary training parameters, e.g. batch, learning rate, training steps, checkpointing frequency
    • Use Cerebras-curated Pile dataset to train upon, if desired
  • Save and export trained weights and training log data from your work to use as you see fit

Additional Services Available

Cirrascale and Cerebras provides additional services as needed, such as:

  • Bigger dedicated clusters to are available to reduce time to accuracy and work on larger models
  • Additional cluster time for hyperparameter tuning, pre-production training runs, post-production continuous pre-training or fine-tuning is available by the hour
  • CPU hours from Cirrascale for dataset preparation
  • CPU or GPU support from Cirrascale for production model inference

Fixed-Price Production Model Training

Introductory pricing below. These prices represent blocks of dedicated cluster time for the chosen model. Additional system time is available at an hourly rate as needed.

Model Parameters Tokens to Train to Chinchilla Point (B) Cerebras AI Model Studio CS-2 Days to Train Cerebras AI Model Studio Price to Train Ready to Start
GPT3-XL 1.3 26 0.4 $2,500 Sign-Up
GPT-J 6 120 8 $45,000 Sign-Up
GPT-3 6.7B 6.7 134 11 $40,000 Sign-Up
T-5 11B 11 34* 9 $60,000 Sign-Up
GPT-3 13B 13 260 39 $150,000 Sign-Up
GPT NeoX 20 400 47 $525,000 Sign-Up
GPT 70B 70 1,400 85 $2,500,000 Sign-Up
GPT 175B 175 3,500 Contact For Quote Contact For Quote Contact For Quote

* - T5 tokens to train from the original T5 paper. Chinchilla scaling laws not applicable.

Interested? Sign Up for a Free Trial

Sometimes it makes sense to try before you buy. We offer free trials to qualified companies looking seriously at the Cerebras Cloud. Our free trial enables you to familiarize yourself with Cerebras’ simple programming model based on Python and standard ML frameworks PyTorch and TensorFlow. You'll be able to experience push-button model scaling from 1-20B parameters.

The 2-Day Free Trial includes the ability to run models on 1, 2, or 4 systems with several model implementations to review and choose from. You'll also have a curated Pile dataset to train upon while in a secure, dedicated access to the programming environment. We provide technical documentation and training guides to help you get started. It's easy, so sign up to try the Cerebras AI Model Studio today.

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