Graphcore Cloud Services for Natural Language Processing

Pricing Information

Utilizing Graphcore Colossus MK2 IPUs at scale with Cirrascale Cloud Services' platform guarentees the best overall
price, performance, and value.

The Cirrascale Cloud Services Pricing Model

Cirrascale offers you a flat-rate billing approach for pricing for all of its cloud services. With Cirrascale you pay only for the individual services you need and there are never any surprises. There are no hidden fees, and you pay one price without the worry of fluctuating bills like those at other providers.

Graphcloud IPU-POD Pricing

Using a Graphcore IPU cloud instance with Cirrascale ensures no hidden fees with our flat-rate billing model. You pay one price without the worry of fluctuating bills like those at other providers. Pricing shown below is per instance for the total time stated.

IPU Instance IPU Specs Weekly Rate Monthly Rate 1-Year Rate 3-Year Rate
IPU-POD 16 4x IPU-M2000 $5,000 $16,000
IPU-POD 64 16x IPU-M2000 $20,000 $64,000
* Cirrascale Cloud Services does not provide servers by the hour. The "hourly equivalent" price is shown as a courtesy for comparison against vendors like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

High-Speed and Object Storage Offerings

Cirrascale has partnered with the industry’s top storage vendors to supply our customers with the absolute fastest storage options available. Connected with up to 100Gb Ethernet, our specialized NVMe hot-tier storage offerings deliver the performance needed to eliminate workflow bottlenecks.

Type Capacity Price/GB/Month
NVMe Hot-Tier Storage <50TB $0.40
NVMe Hot-Tier Storage >50TB $0.20
Object Storage <2PB $0.02
Object Storage >2PB $0.01

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