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scaling 16 to 1024 Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units, only available with Cirrascale Cloud Services.

Massively Scalable Machine Intelligence Systems

Graphcore systems excel at both training and inference. The highly parallel computational resources together with graph software tools and libraries, allows researchers to explore machine intelligence across a much broader front than current solutions. Graphcore technology allows recent successes in deep learning to be effectively and efficiently applied towards algorithms developed for general artificial intelligence, NLP, financial risk analysis and more.

With GRAPHCLOUD IPU-PODS, Cirrascale Cloud Services now offers from 64 up to 1024 Graphcore Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) technology to customers as a secure monthly cloud service.

Full Software Stack and Framework Support

Graphcore has designed the worlds very first graph tool chain specifically designed for machine intelligence - the Poplar software stack. The software seamlessly integrates with TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) allowing developers to use their existing machine intelligence development tools and existing machine learning models. Graphcore also delivers a full training runtime for ONNX and is working closely with the ONNX organization to include this in the ONNX standard environment.

Poplar Framework Diagram

Highly Secure Cloud Access for Every Industry

Cloud security means protecting a complex web of workloads consisting of hardware, applications, and data spread across edge, core, remote workforce, and cloud deployments. Cirrascale Cloud Services’ data centers and infrastructure are architected to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.

Accessing GRAPHCLOUD is secure and easy. Cirrascale uses industry-standard link encryption and authentication methods such as IPsec and SSH to ensure the security of data during transmission. A multitiered set of defensive services are also used to strictly control network access.

Your data remains safe throughout your time using our service. Once you opt to exit our service, our engineering operations team personally verifies that your data has been removed.


Using a Graphcore IPU cloud instance with Cirrascale ensures no hidden fees with our flat-rate billing model. You pay one price without the worry of fluctuating bills like those at other providers.

IPU Instance Monthly Rate Weekly Rate
IPU-POD 16 $16,000 $5,000
IPU-POD 64 $64,000 $20,000
IPU-POD 128 $128,000 $40,000
IPU-POD 256 $256,000 $80,000
IPU-POD 512 $512,000 $160,000
IPU-POD 1K $1,024,000 $320,000

High-Speed and Object Storage Offerings

Cirrascale has partnered with the industry’s top storage vendors to supply our customers with the absolute fastest storage options available. Connected with up to 100Gb Ethernet, our specialized NVMe hot-tier storage offerings deliver the performance needed to eliminate workflow bottlenecks.

Type Capacity Price/GB/Month
NVMe Hot-Tier Storage <50TB $0.40
NVMe Hot-Tier Storage >50TB $0.20
Object Storage <2PB $0.02
Object Storage >2PB $0.01

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