Data Transfer Solutions

No Ingress, No Egress, No Distress

We know what you're thinking, but it's true. We aren't like other cloud services providers, and we aren't going to nickel and dime you over data transmission or bandwidth charges. If you utilize our standard connections in and out of our data center, there are no additional charges for you to worry about. If you need something a little more robust, or decide you want to implement a multi-cloud solution, there are other options that we offer that can help.

No Ingress Fees and No Egress Fees
Megaport Connected Services

Multi-Cloud Connectivity with Megaport

You’re just a cross connect away from a faster connection to cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud through our Megaport connected data centers. It can also help to reduce data egress and port fees that are charged by hyperscale data center providers.

Using a Megaport connection with Cirrascale Cloud Services enables you to increase security levels with dedicated, private access to cloud services without touching the public internet. You'll achieve optimal high speed Ethernet speeds with our interface that connects to the Megaport fabric. Most importantly, as with all of Cirrascale's services, you'll be able to maintain your budget goals with month-to-month billing with no long term contracts.