The Latest Storage Technology

For unmatched performance in feeding your deep learning training models, you can't rely on the unknown storage performance that you're handed at the other cloud service providers. Instead, you can count on the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform to deliver a wide variety of storage options that will meet your needs.

Local, High-Speed NVMe Storage

All of our systems support high-speed NVMe drives for your local storage. By supporting NVMe SSD drives in our dedicated servers, customers gain the true advantages of state-of-the-art technology. With reduced I/O overhead and various performance improvements in comparison to previous logical-device interfaces, including multiple, long command queues, and reduced latency, NVMe drives are superior for deep learning and HPC applications. Additionally, local bulk tier storage is also available to each server.

10Gb Connected - Low Cost Storage

Our 10Gb connected storage option is ideal for customers that are looking for long-term, low cost storage for backups, system images, snapshots, and other cold storage applications.

25Gb Connected - Hybrid NVMe/HDD Storage

Our 25Gb connected storage is our standard storage tier for most general purpose use cases, centralized active data storage, home directories, and temporary scratch space.

100Gb EDR Connected - Ultra High-Speed NVMe Flash

Our 100Gb EDR Infiniband connected, ultra high speed, all NVMe flash storage is designed for the fastest available feeding of large deep learning training requiring 5GB/sec or greater access per server with centralized access.

Additional Storage Options

Not sure what you need? Not seeing what you want? Cirrascale Cloud Services works closely with its clients to find the right storage fit for the applications you're using. Contact us today to discuss your needs.