Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage Solutions for Autonomous Vehicle, Medical Imaging, and NLP Workflows

For unmatched performance in feeding your deep learning training models, you can't rely on the unknown storage performance that you're handed at the other cloud service providers. Instead, you can count on the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform to deliver a wide variety of storage options that will meet your needs.

Local NVMe Storage

All of our systems support high-speed NVMe drives for your local storage. By supporting NVMe SSD drives in our servers, customers gain the true advantages of state-of-the-art technology. With reduced I/O overhead and various performance improvements in comparison to previous logical-device interfaces, including multiple, long command queues, and reduced latency, NVMe drives are superior for Autonomous Vehicle, Medical Imaging, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows. Additionally, local bulk tier storage is also available to each server.

NVMe Hot-Tier Storage Solutions

Cirrascale uses multiple partner solutions to deliver the overall best experience to its customers. Whether its application workflows for autonomous vehicles, ADAS, medical imaging, financial risk simulations, or natural language processing, we have the right solutions to meet your needs.

Cirrascale's implementation of the IBM Spectrum Scale storage platform addresses the needs of the applications for which performance or performance-to-capacity ratio demands cannot be met by traditional scale-up storage systems. IBM Spectrum Scale is deployed for many I/O-demanding enterprise applications that require high performance or scale.

Cirrascale also utilizes WekaIO's Matrix software within its cloud for removing storage bottlenecks faced by customers who use inference training datasets consisting of millions of files. Both data and metadata are distributed across the entire storage infrastructure to ensure massively parallel access to NVMe drives. WekaIO Matrix has demonstrated the ability to easily saturate a GPU cluster and deliver more than 10GBytes/second per node across an InfiniBand network.

Object Storage

Cost-effective, S3-compatible Object Storage that solves your biggest storage challenges while boosting interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency making it possible to store practically limitless amounts of data, simply and cost effectively.

Cirrascale offers object storage solutions that are perfect for the retention of massive amounts of unstructured data. Unlike other cloud solutions, Cirrascale provides the ability to store data in our cloud and not get hit with variable ingress/egress fees when trying to move data either from your office or from other cloud providers. When part of a multi-tiered storage solution, and linked with a Cirrascale hot-tier storage offering, customers are able to seamlessly move data to be worked on between storage tiers. Overall, customers can reduce latency, improve throughput, and eliminate access charges.

Cloud Storage Solutions Pricing

All pricing below is based on Cirrascale's No Surprises billing model. There are no hidden fees and discounts may apply for long-term commitments depending on the service requested.

Solution Capacity Price / GB / Month
NVMe Hot-Tier Storage 50TB or Greater $0.20
Object Storage Less Than 50TB $0.04
Object Storage 50TB - 2PB $0.02
Object Storage 2PB or Greater $0.01