NVIDIA HGX H200 combines multiple H200 Tensor Core GPUs with a high-speed
interconnect powered by NVIDIA NVLink® and NVSwitch™ to enable the creation of the
world’s most powerful scale-up servers while Cirrascale delivers it all to you via the cloud.

NVIDIA HGX H200: The World’s Leading AI Computing Platform is Coming Soon to the Cirrascale AI Innovation Cloud

As workloads explode in complexity, there’s a need for multiple GPUs to work together with extremely fast communication between them. NVIDIA HGX H200 combines multiple H200 GPUs with a high-speed interconnect powered by NVIDIA NVLink and NVSwitch™ to enable the creation of the world’s most powerful scale-up servers.

HGX H200 is available as a server building block in the form of integrated baseboards in eight or four H200 GPU configurations. The eight-GPU configuration offers full GPU-to-GPU bandwidth through NVIDIA NVSwitch. Leveraging the power of H200 multi-precision Tensor Cores, an eight-way HGX H200 provides over 32 petaFLOPS of FP8 deep learning compute and over 1.1TB of aggregate HBM memory for the highest performance in generative AI and HPC applications.

HGX H200 enables standardized servers that provide the highest performance on various application workloads, including LLM training and inference for the largest models beyond 175 billion parameters, while accelerating time to market for NVIDIA’s ecosystem of partner server makers.

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NVIDIA HGX H200 in the Cloud with Cirrascale Cloud Services

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