We Help NVIDIA® Inception Members

Cirrascale Cloud Services helps NVIDIA Inception members get the most out of their program benefits.
Whether you're a community member or a premier member, we can help you.

What is the NVIDIA Inception Program?

NVIDIA Inception is designed to help startups build their products and grow faster. Members get exclusive technology discounts, free technical training, marketing opportunities, and increased exposure to the venture capital community. The program is free and available for tech startups of all stages

NVIDIA works closely with members to provide the best technical tools, latest resources, and opportunities to connect with investors. As your startup matures, your program benefits also evolve to further your growth. Premier members receive increased NVIDIA marketing support, access to Premier-only member events, and a dedicated NVIDIA relationship manager.

Not an NVIDIA Inception Member?

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What Can Cirrascale Do To Help?

Cirrascale has been helping NVIDIA Inception program members such as AssemblyAI, MosaicML, Metaphor, and more, evolve faster by providing them with unique benefits. By partnering with Cirrascale, approved Inception members can purchase hardware at preferred pricing levels, receive discounts on cloud and managed services provided by Cirrascale, and partner with us to receive referral discounts for other startups you refer.

Cirrascale Cloud Services works closely with NVIDIA and your assigned dedicated relationship manager to provide you with the best experience as an Inception member.


Full Cloud Services

We offer fully-managed GPU clusters at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud service providers. These bare-metal servers are completely dedicated to you with no contention and no performance issues due to virtualization overhead.

Our flat-rate, no surprises billing model means we can provide you with a price that is up to 30% lower than the other cloud service providers. We also don't nickel-and-dime you by charging to get your data into or out of our cloud. Instead, we charge no ingress or egress fees so you never receive a supplemental bill.

Hardware Rebates

We're one of NVIDIA's earliest NPN CSP Elite Compute partner's which allows us to sell hardware to you while providing you with the maximum program member benefits for NVIDIA GPU discounts on eligible accelerator cards.

These discounts are provided to you up-front and show on your invoice so that you receive the benefit immediately. We then work with NVIDIA to receive the rebates on the back end. We can work with you to ensure you get the absolute most out of your NVIDIA Inception membership.

Managed Services

Our managed services offering is designed to give you the edge without worrying about server management or maintenance. You can focus on what matters: solving problems, speeding up your workflow and taking advantage of cutting-edge computing power.

Once you purchase your hardware, Cirrascale can provide full managed services with specialized discounts so that you don't have to deal with long-term data center contracts or managing your hardware. We even include break/fix and RMA service to our customers. It's truly worry free with Zero DevOps.

Referral Discounts

Inception members are eligible to take part in our referral program enabling them to save even more on their monthly service costs. Once part of our referral program, Inception members can refer other companies and receive discounts of up to 10% off their monthly service costs.

Leasing Options

Cirrascale Cloud Services works with several financing companies to help provide leasing options for those Inception program members that need assistance with long-term solutions. We can work with your team to help manage the overall process, making it easy on you.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

If desired, we can help to provide additional marketing opportunities for Inception program members that work directly with Cirrascale. We promote your company within our own blog posts, social media postings, case studies, customer references, presentations and more.

Learn More About How We Can Help

If you're currently an NVIDIA Inception member or would like more information regarding the program and how Cirrascale can help you, please fill out the form and we'll get back to you.