Public Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud Solutions for the Masses

In most cloud environments, like those found at AWS or Microsoft Azure, you realize early on that you're in a shared environment. You start reading about "virtual" private clouds, but realize that your resources are still being shared amongst a variety of other users just like you. For low-cost, high availability services, the public cloud solutions are a perfect fit. Along with our private and shared-nothing cloud implementations, we too have some nifty public cloud offerings with our Deep Learning Sandbox and Deep Learning Classroom services.

Our Public Cloud Solutions

CCS Deep Learning Sandbox

We've developed a unique sandbox environment for a special breed of customer that can utilize API access to our servers using containers managed by Kubernetes. We're partnering with these customers to develop new and exciting ways of utilizing this rapidly growing service.

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CCS Deep Learning Classroom

Cirrascale Cloud Services offers free time to universities and research groups looking to explore performance advantages gained by utilizing multi-GPU cloud servers for deep learning frameworks. Signup today to be part of this growing community of deep learning specialists.

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