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Advancing Financial Services

Graphcore IPUs accelerate next generation financial models up to 26x faster.

Drive Performance. Anticipate Threats. Increase Opportunities.

Advances in machine intelligence are transforming the finance sector. New approaches to AI are enabling innovators to get ahead of global economic shifts, forecast market volatility and increase investment returns. With the IPU, quantitative researchers can harness state of the art compute to explore and create new algorithms that have the potential to redefine financial services.

Customers are seeing up to 26x performance gains on probabilistic Markov Chain Monte Carlo models using Graphcore IPUs. Increasingly finance companies are using AI to improve algorithmic trading, market making, investment strategies and to improve investment performance. Machine learning is being used to uncover complex patterns, trends, and relationships that can’t easily be detected by humans.

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Risk Management

New machine learning algorithms can help prevent fraud and predict market shifts – but they are also compute-intensive. The IPU helps you to fully utilise recent AI approaches to proactively track, anticipate and manage risk.

Fraud Detection

Acting on threats as soon as they arise is critical to safeguarding financial security. By running complex ML models on the IPU, you can tackle these outliers at the earliest stage without jeopardising customer experience.

Algorithmic Trading

To forecast market activity with speed and accuracy, traders are increasingly turning to next generation models. IPUs enable you to harness recent innovations so you can identify and act on complex trade signals in real time.

Investment Management

Smart investment means outmanoeuvring market fluctuations. The IPU enables you to accelerate derivative pricing models and leverage alternative data faster to improve sentiment analysis and increase revenue.

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