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Cirrascale Cloud Services Adds One Convergence as AI Ecosystem Partner

Cirrascale further expands its SaaS offerings through its AI Ecosystem Partnerships by adding cloud software solution provider One Convergence and its DKube product to its cloud platform

San Jose, Calif. — GPU Technology Conference — March 19, 2019 — Cirrascale Cloud Services®, a premier provider of multi-GPU deep learning cloud solutions, today announced it has added cloud software infrastructure solution provider One Convergence to its growing list of partners offering services under its AI Ecosystem program. One Convergence is the creator of DKube, a deep learning platform enabling data scientists to focus on their primary task of data science and not software engineering.

"Over the past several months we have been working hard to find SaaS solutions that help our customers save time by focusing their energy on solving problems and not infrastructure issues," said Mike LaPan, vice president, Cirrascale Cloud Services. "With DKube from One Convergence, data scientists no longer need to spend time finding, downloading, and maintaining various machine learning frameworks, CUDA libraries, RDMA, or other tools and libraries."

The DKube deep learning platform installs on the Cirrascale Cloud Services servers in less than an hour and onboards customer’s data scientists quickly. Customers can then conduct their Tensorflow or PyTorch experiments on those GPU platforms on the same day. In turn, data scientists get access to collaborative workspaces, Jupyter Notebooks, TensorBoard, distributed TensorFlow, Horovod, RDMA, as well as GPU-Direct with the latest collaboration and integrated development tools across a cluster of GPU nodes.

"As part of the Cirrascale AI Ecosystem, we are looking forward to engaging with more deep learning customers whereby the productivity of their data scientists and the efficient utilization of their GPU infrastructure is important," said Prasad Vellanki, CEO, One Convergence.

The DKube product running on the Cirrascale Cloud Services platform is currently being offered at a substantial discount versus similar configurations of reserved or spot instances from other major cloud providers. For more information, please visit

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