WekaIO Matrix

Cirrascale Cloud Services has partnered with WekaIO to add a specialized NVMe hot tier storage offering powered by WekaIO Matrix, the world’s fastest file system, to its cloud services platform. The offering helps remove storage bottlenecks faced by customers who use inference training datasets consisting of millions of files to improve outcomes and increase accuracy of deep learning models.

WekaIO’s Matrix software is a fully parallel and distributed file system that has been designed from scratch to leverage Flash technology. Both data and metadata are distributed across the entire storage infrastructure to ensure massively parallel access to NVMe drives. WekaIO Matrix has demonstrated the ability to easily saturate a GPU cluster and deliver more than 10GBytes/second per node across an InfiniBand network.

WekaIO Matrix Use Case

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Your using the best cloud infrastructure to run your AI and data intensive applications, so don't let data accessibility be the bottleneck to your productivity gains. To maximize your investment and resolve the GPU and CPU starvation problem, you need a shared file system that ensures data is available to the applications. WekaIO delivers all the bandwidth you need, so your applications never have to wait for data.

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